Brian Hazard of Color Theory here.

Way back in 2001, my song “Ponytail Girl” spread like wildfire on Napster, mislabeled as a Depeche Mode song from their upcoming Exciter album.

The incident led to the creation of what many fans consider the best Depeche Mode tribute album (I’m blushing as I type this, but it’s true!), with a focus on unappreciated gems rather than hit singles.

After being out of print for more than a decade, Color Theory presents Depeche Mode is back and better than ever! The remastered CD comes in a 6-panel Digipak with all new artwork and three new exclusive tracks.

The entire set is fully licensed, with $2 of each $14 CD sale going directly to Sir Martin L. Gore himself.

If you’re not quite ready to commit, you can download three of the tracks for free here.

From one Depeche Mode lover to another, thank you for your support!

“Color Theory allows the listener to place their own emotions into the music, taking us on an immersive journey of contemporary and electronic rolling sounds i.e. to have you in your feels.”
Color Theory presents Depeche Mode CD × 1
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Color Theory presents Depeche Mode CD
Color Theory presents Depeche Mode CD × 1
Shipping $5.00
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