Brian Hazard of Color Theory

In the age of Napster, Color Theory, aka synth artist Brian Hazard, found success after his track “Ponytail Girl” was widely shared after being mistaken for a lost Depeche Mode B-side.

Since then, the Los Angeles-based songwriter and producer has gained more than 15 million plays across streaming platforms with his own distinctive brand of melancholy synthpop.

Besides winning the grand prize in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, Hazard has found his quirky, nostalgic songs being placed in popular video games (Just Dance, Rock Band) and TV shows (MTV’s The Real World).

Color Theory allows the listener to place their own emotions into the music, taking us on an immersive journey of contemporary and electronic rolling sounds i.e. to have you in your feels.
Swooping synths and nostalgic keys make for a bittersweet mood, while Hazard’s soaring, yearning vocals are touching and emotive.
Color Theory has been a mainstay of the synthwave genre over the past three decades, independently releasing thirteen albums to date whilst somehow always finding new ways to highlight the glorious synthesizer.