Sketches in Grey CD


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My first album was released at a time where simply having an album on CD meant you’d made it.

I was working as an accompanist for a high school choral program with an incredibly supportive group of students. 500 units sold out quickly by word of mouth alone.

A few years later I released a remastered version, adding three remixes and four live recordings, the latter of which are absent on streaming services.

Yes, live! In the early days, I performed a few times a month. I explain why I gave up live performance in an email you’ll receive if you join my mailing list (poke, poke).

Let’s not kid ourselves here. The production is demo quality at best. It was recorded on a self-built Windows 3.1 system at the dawn of computer-based digital audio. I had a grand total of four channels and two effects at my disposal. The synths and drum machine were recorded direct to tape, simultaneously.

Despite the album’s technical deficiencies, I’m still mostly pleased with the songwriting. You’ll find some minor embarrassments as well as two standout tracks: “Never Realized” and “Snowing.”

  1. Never Realized
  2. Monastery
  3. Shadow in the Shade
  4. Something Here
  5. Severed Nerves
  6. Subterranean
  7. Once Upon a Time
  8. Snowing
  9. Better
  10. Never Realized (Laundered Mix)
  11. Just Who I Am (Tinmen Identity Crisis Mix)
  12. Stare Out the Window (acoustic)
  13. Shadow in the Shade (live)
  14. Heart Like a Doll (live)
  15. Snowing (live)
  16. Unrehearsed (live)
  • In standard jewel case with 4-page booklet, limited to 1000 copies worldwide
  • Includes immediate download in high-quality 320 kbps mp3 format

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