Mages Single

Suggested: $4.00

I grew up a nerd: a computer nerd, a comics nerd, and a Dungeons & Dragons nerd. “Mages” capitalizes on the latter, wishing into existence the sorceress of my dreams.

1. Mages
2. Mages (Instrumental)
3. Headphones (Matt Mancid 80s Remix)
4. Productivity (Matt Mancid 80s Remix)

You’ll get immediate access to download all tracks in 320 kbps mp3. Additionally, I’ll email you a Bandcamp download code within 48 hours so you can add it to your collection or download it in a different format. I’m guessing most of you won’t use the code, but I want to cover all of my bases!

Suggested: $4.00

Minimum: $3.00