Lucky Ago CD


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Superstitious? Lucky Ago will make you a believer.

I love concept albums. And so, in October of 2018, I set out to create one.

I documented the entire process in a Medium article entitled Why and How I Made My Supernatural Synthwave Album.

Sonically, it’s inspired by The Cure’s Seventeen Seconds, the first album I purchased on CD, and without a doubt the one I’ve listened to the most in my life.

Lyrically, each of the 11 songs highlights a different superstition.

There are obvious ones, like breaking mirrors, the number thirteen (singing “triskaidekaphobiac” took some practice), and walking under ladders.

Then there are some obscure ones (at least here in the US), like saluting magpies.

If possible, take the time to enjoy it the way it was meant to be enjoyed: on headphones, lying down on the couch or reclining in a chair.

You may fall asleep for a few minutes here and there, and that’s just fine.

I hope you find it pleasantly depressing.

  1. Shatterproof
  2. Unsigned
  3. Hand
  4. Avian
  5. Phobiac
  6. Lore
  7. Dismembered
  8. Fingers
  9. Sniper
  10. Backward
  11. Feral
  • In 6-panel matte Digipak, limited to 1000 copies worldwide
  • Includes immediate download in high-quality 320 kbps mp3 format

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