Underneath These Dying Stars CD


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I never set out to make a “dark” record.

It just sort of happened. Over the past two years, I wrote about whatever I was feeling at the time, and certain themes naturally emerged.

While I’ve endured more than my fair share of challenges recently, I assure you this isn’t some thinly disguised cry for help! I’ve always been fascinated with bleak subject matter. The older I get, the more eager I am to explore the shadowy depths of the human spirit.

Rest assured, it’s not all death and decay. There’s plenty of optimism to balance things out. In fact, the set kicks off with what might be my most hopeful song yet.

Is it my best album? Quite possibly. It’s certainly the best sounding! It’s also noteworthy because, for the first time, I did all the design and layout myself.

  1. Crystal
  2. Trick of the Light
  3. If You Want Me To
  4. The Darkness
  5. Death Machine
  6. The Rot
  7. The Serious One
  8. She’s Made of Wires
  9. Wrath
  10. Cakewalk
  11. The Darkroom
  • In 6-panel matte Digipak, limited to 300 copies worldwide
  • Individually signed and numbered
  • Includes immediate download in high-quality 320 kbps mp3 format
  • Includes exclusive 17-page digital booklet

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