Depeche Mode Remixes


A download-only companion to my Depeche Mode tribute.

  1. Here is the House (Atomzero Remix)
  2. I Am You (Chiptune Mix)
  3. Leave in Silence (Royal Visionaries Mix)
  4. Sweetest Perfection (Hajas Mix)
  5. But Not Tonight (Tristraum Remix)
  6. Sister of Night (Tagiroff Mix)
  7. Ponytail Girl (Raph Version)
  8. Here is the House (Vz Chinese Theatre E.C Version)
  9. It Doesn’t Matter (Fr/action Mix)
  10. But Not Tonight (Late Night Devotional Mix)
  11. World Full of Nothing (Midnight Mix)
  12. Here is the House (Some Stranger’s Funky Pleasure Mix)
  13. One Caress (Synthetik FM Mix)
  14. Ponytail Girl (Casm Mix)