OBE (Architect of Sound Remix)

1. Adam Johnson of Architect of Sound remixed “OBE” old-school style, combining elements from my original mix with his own sounds. It’s available as a free download for one week, after which it will poof!

2. I’ll be answering questions for an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Wiselike tomorrow from 10am-12pm PST, but you can ask me anything right now – anonymously if you prefer.

3. I’m big on playlists lately. I created two on Spotify: Color Theory’s Synthpop Wonderland and Song’s I Listened to in the 90’s, plus two on 8tracks (no account necessary): Indie Synthpop and Music for a Late Afternoon Nap.

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The Light Inside (Andre Henry Remix)

1. “The Light Inside (Andre Henry Remix)” is a free download this week. Hear more from Andre on SoundCloud.

2. I created a massive Spotify playlist (183 songs!) of the best synthpop, now and then.

3. Speaking of Spotify, less than 10% of users listen to one full album per month, according to a Universal Music Group analysis. Should I stick with EPs?

4. I’m named one of RatedSound’s top 10 artists to watch in 2016. I’m as surprised as you are!

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Let’s Have a Black (Friday) Celebration

On November 1, I ate lunch at a nearby fast food franchise. Instead of the usual 80s dental office hits, the tiny speakers in the ceiling blared something even older: Christmas music. The day after Halloween!

Christmas season used to start the day after Thanksgiving, but it keeps getting earlier and earlier. I’ve noticed the same trend with Black Friday, which now seems to encompass the entire month of November.

As much as I try to stay out of the holiday hype game, my retail partners are not so restrained. And so I present two offers, which would exist regardless of whether I told you about them or not:

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Today I’m proud to present my new EP, Adjustments Pt. 3! You can hear it in its entirety at music.colortheory.com.

As a teenager, I was fascinated with astral projection, otherwise known as an “out of body experience” or OBE. I read and re-read an autobiography called Journeys Out of the Body by Robert Monroe, and truly believed that his adventures were real. Years later, I found out he was sniffing paint thinner at the time. Ah, heroes.

Listen closely after the second chorus, and you’ll hear my pulse quicken as my soul separates from my body!

Adjustments Pt. 3

At long last, I am thrilled and delighted to present the third and final Adjustments EP!

I hope you’ll find it to be not only the best of the three, but the best original material I’ve released in years. It features five new songs, paired with a remix of each.

The 10-track EP will be released on November 13, but you can preview and pre-order it now for $4.

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Songs I Listened to in the 90s

We’re still putting the finishing touches on the Adjustments Pt. 3 remixes. Teaser coming soon!

In the meantime, I took a stroll down memory lane to put together a Spotify playlist for you.

How many of these 20 tracks do you remember? Some are pretty obscure! I was pleasantly surprised to find bands like The Lucy Show, Nasa, and This Mortal Coil.

New Color Theory Tracklist Finalized

I’m sitting in my car at the beach parking lot, waiting for the rain to stop so I can get my run in. The Dark Sky app says that’ll happen in 45 minutes, just enough time to listen through the new EP for the thousandth time. I’ve got a pen and paper handy to take notes, but nothing jumps out at me as needing to be changed. Could I really be… done?

At 45 minutes on the money, the EP ends and the rain stops. Lacking an excuse to do otherwise, I put the car key in a small zippered pocket and hit the road.

That was this morning. I’ve since listened again, and can confirm that, shy of a few minor tweaks from remixers, Adjustments Pt. 3 is good to go!

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New EP Sneak Preview

After a protracted silence everywhere but Twitter, I’m pleased to announce that I’ve completed five original tracks for my next EP, Adjustments Pt. 3.

As was the case with Pts. 1 & 2, I plan to include one remix of each original on the EP. I’ve invited a handful of producers to remix the tracks, and could use a few more! When the remixes are done, so is the EP.

In the meantime, I posted a sneak preview of one of the tracks on Apple Music. You don’t have be an Apple Music user to listen, but if you are, I hope you’ll follow me there!

Playing Favorites on Apple Music

Headphones (Solarno Goes to the Theatre Mix)

Solarno returns with another orchestral electronic experimental remix! This time he’s taken on “Headphones” (compare and contrast with the original here). Be careful not to turn up the volume too loud, or the chorus will scare you out of your seat!

This is the last of the Adjustments Pt. 2 remixes. Pt. 3 is taking me longer than planned, but the end is in sight. I’m about two-thirds of the way done with the fourth original, out of five.

Headphones (Solarno Goes to the Theatre Mix)” is a free download this week.

Download Now

Guest Vocals for Vaylon

Many moons ago, I was invited by Danish synthpop duo Vaylon to sing on one of their tracks. I said I was too busy, and after that I was too busy, and then too busy again, but eventually I came through for them. I’d forgotten about it completely until YouTube served the song up to me at random a few days ago.

Turns out the track was long ago completed, and released both digitally and physically as part of the VIP program for A Different Drum.

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