My Songwriting Process

My Songwriting Process

I’m often asked, “Which do you start with – the words or the music?”

The music.

Kind of. It’s not that simple.

Usually it goes something like this:

  1. Come up with a production hook of some sort – a 4-bar groove, an instrumental lead, a piano part, etc [1 hour]
  2. Play with the chord progression until I’ve got a verse, chorus, and maybe a bridge [1 hour]
  3. Come up with a song title and write the lyrics [8 hours]
  4. Record and edit the vocals [20 hours]
  5. Flesh out the rest of the arrangement [15 hours]
  6. Finalize the mix & master [5 hours]

The problem is, by the time I get to step 5, it’s a slog. I just want to be done.

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The Winning Watch

Congratulations to Michael Dixson, Elizabeth Dolitka, and Janabananaky, who were randomly picked to receive the winning design!

Modify Watches was kind enough to send me one too, as you can see in the photo above (you can tell I’m a pianist by that big vein).

It’s weird wearing a watch again, but a lot easier than pulling out my phone to check the time! Several times I wondered, “Where is that ticking coming from?”

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Many of you noticed that “Productivity” from the new EP sounds a lot like “Fireflies” by Owl City. It does, and not by coincidence.

Last year I was hired by Ubisoft to create a two-minute soundalike version of “Fireflies” for their Just Dance Kids 2014 video game.

Dissecting the track in such detail gave me a deep appreciation for the production, and inspired me to write a new song with the same set of sounds:

I know what you’re thinking… alert the copyright police!

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Win a Color Theory Watch!

Can you believe it’s been 20 years since I released my first album?

To celebrate the occasion, Modify Watches is creating a custom limited-edition watch, and they’ve narrowed it down to four possible designs.

Vote for your favorite for a chance to win the winning design. 3 winners will be selected at random. The design with the most votes will be produced and sold at

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