“Two” is the closing track from my new album, The Sound. Not only is it my favorite song from the album, but it may just be the longest Color Theory track ever. It started out as a collaboration with Swedish producer Johan Emmoth, who heard my music through my friend Viktor Ginner of Rupesh Cartel. He sent me an instrumental sketch to add vocals to. There wasn’t much extra space in the arrangement, but I did my best. When I collaborate, I intentionally write in a voice that’s very different from the “me” you’ve come to know. This was never meant to be a Color Theory song, but in the end it just didn’t fit in the mix, so Johan gave me permission to develop it on my own.

What have we here?
It’s not what you think
I’ve had time to consider my words
And nothing to drink

Caught in the act
With sweat on my brow
I knew sooner or later you’d find out
So how about now?

Don’t cry for your mother
Don’t curse your discovery
I don’t think any less of you
There’s room in my heart for two

Don’t call me your lover
Don’t grudge me another one
You shouldn’t let it bother you
There’s room in my heart for two

Don’t look surprised
You had to suspect
I’ve got way too much time on my hands
What did you expect?

To let me go
Would be such a waste
There are plenty of other girls happy
To be in your place

(repeat chorus)

We’re all adults
There’s no need to shout
We can talk later on if you want
I’m busy right now

So run along
Now be a dear
Could you turn off the lights on your way out
I’m not finished here.