“Too Close” is my favorite Color Theory song (“Two” is right up there). While it feels pretentious to even admit I like my own song (not sure what’s up with that), this stanza never fails to grab me:

I see you when I look in the mirror
But in sleep we see through telescopes
Looking out over light years, not inches
Too close, too close.

Maybe it means a lot more to me than the words actually say, but when I hear them, I feel what I meant to say.

Randall’s remix captures that emotion in a lush, atmospheric, even dreamy remix that builds and falls away from that moment.

1. “Too Close (an eloquent remix)” is a free download for a week, so grab it – or at least give it an uninterrupted listen on headphones.

2. I had a wonderful conversation with Christopher Swan of Living Your Journey. I’ll let him describe it:

Christopher Swan chats with recording artist, Color Theory, better known to his friends and family as Brian Hazard. Color Theory is quite popular online, especially with fans of 80’s synthpop and Electronic Dance Music (EDM). As an independent artist, he has successfully released nine albums and has gathered millions of followers. He also runs an audio mastering company, where he uses his mastering skills to make other artists sound amazing. In today’s conversation, we discuss Brian’s musical career, how he balances his time as a recording artist, running a mastering company, spending time with his family, and still getting it all done. We also talk about using social media as an artist, what’s next for Color Theory, advice for artists just starting out, a practice of deep work, and much more.

You can listen here or check out the podcast on iTunes.

3. My album has been downloaded over 300 thousand times on BitTorrent – and that’s a good thing! BitTorrent featured it on their homepage, where it was downloaded a quarter million times in 24 hours. Crazy!

Hopefully some of those listeners will go on to become genuine fans.

You might be thinking, “Why did I pay $15 for a CD when you were just going to give it away a few weeks later?”

Because sales had slowed to a trickle, and BitTorrent exposed my music to hundreds of thousands of people who otherwise would never have heard it.

Of course, anyone could’ve downloaded it on BitTorrent anyway, or heard it for free on YouTube, Spotify, or my own Bandcamp page.

Your support is what makes it all possible! Without you, there wouldn’t have been an album to give away in the first place.

Adjustments on BitTorrent

4. If you’re a musician, check out my new review of pay-to-play internet radio platform Radio Airplay.


5. “OBE (Memoryy Remix)” was featured on three music blogs: Audio Drums, Cloudberry Mornings, and Acid Stag.

6. I made the leaderboard on our local 5K this 4th! It just goes to show, I’m getting old.

Surf City Run 5K

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