Too Close


I just finished what I consider to be my best song in a long time, and I’d love for you to hear it.

We don’t dream about each other anymore
Spilled our souls and now we’re too close
Close your eyes, accept a simple kiss goodnight
From the one who loves you the most

Distant lovers and fictional heroes
All our fantasies, longings, and hopes
Fill our dreams as we lie here together
Too close, too close

I broke out in laughter when you told me that
Being with me is like being alone
But I knew you meant it as a compliment
This is what it means to be home

Don’t allow yourself a single guilty thought
Novelty has infinite charms
You’ll exchange illusion for reality
When you wake up here in my arms

I see you when I look in the mirror
But in sleep we see through telescopes
Looking out over light years not inches
Too close, too close.

24 thoughts on “Too Close”

  1. taking me back to the early eighties with this one , thinking about it , this makes me seem old , looking in the mirror , yes i’m not has young as i thought . sorry about that , love this track ….. more please .



  2. Thanks for the kind words everyone! Remixes are always welcome. :)

    I hope to wrap up three more songs over the next week or so, but I’ll probably most one at the most. My June 30 deadline is rapidly closing in!

  3. Oh, soooo beautiful heart-warm, sunny melody and soooo romantic strong lyrics!!! It feels that it’s so real happening right in someone’s life… As always Your piano part made a perfect impression. “Being with me is like being alone…This is what it means to be home” – well said! And in the voice an ocean of love can be really heard. Never new heroes still exists:))))
    Wish You a success, Brian!

  4. Hi Brian,

    It’s really a very emotional, heartfelt song. Listening to the song for the first time, it didn’t grab me completely. I needed a second and a third [lay until I loved it absolutely. The lyrics were known for sure, the vocals are great, even so the instrumental part. Excellent and catching piano part. For me it’s the best Color Theory Song since Hypothetically and Figured Out! I’m so excited now about the coming up tracks.


  5. Wonderful track, I love the interlaced melodies. Strong lyrics and music blended perfectly together. The uptempo remixes will go well with this setup.

  6. The lyrics are simply genius – I’ve really been into writing fiction lately and all the descriptions I putter on and off with for God knows how long are nowhere near the level of telling such a beautifully succinct story as this. Annnd then I actually listened to the song, and am totally in agreement with Thomas in that you have to listen a couple times through and then the little nuances just come crashing together, and in wonderment, I was just like “Oh. I get it! Now it’s one of the best songs ever!” Subtly haunting, with a little, tightly-drawn and stately edge to everything. It says so freakin’ much about real life, too, how everyone is slightly polarized from everyone else no matter what, just because there’s no such thing as perfection and yet people can’t stop that empty feeling – that empty hole only filled by illusion. Especially love these two lines:

    “But in sleep we see through telescopes
    Looking out over light years not inches”

    It just speaks volumes and speaks to me. For some reason it’s reminiscent of a weird concept we learned in physics class about how if a person many, many lightyears away from Earth could somehow see us through a telescope, they’d actually be seeing the dinosaurs (or whatever your belief is) because the light from that time would have taken so many years to travel there. Haha, yeah, I’m strange. xD

    Well. You are amazing. /crappy end statement

  7. You’ve explained the song better than I could! Those are my favorite two lines too. I’m fascinated by the same phenomenon. In fact, a few years ago I wrote a song about a friend who died far before his time, and compared his memory to the light from Alpha Centauri, which takes five years to get here. Both are just as real and unreal, and both are equally unreachable. Hopefully the song says it better:

  8. It is indeed one of your best songs, but for me the top ones are still “Fade so fast” and “April´s Bonfire”, but I guess it´s because of personal issues.

    But I loved “Too Close” very much!

  9. Yess!!! Brian are do it again!!! this is the REAL sound of Color Theory!! i really love this song!!! thanks!! and keep on!!!


  10. First I read the lyrics, while I waited a song finished downloading…
    Nice words, I just stopped and think a bit about everything….
    Than I listened to a song – OMG, you’ve done a wonderful work!

    Cheers from Croatia

  11. Thanks again for all the wonderful support! Since this one, I’ve finished Release the Hounds and I hope to finish Backseat today and A Safe Distance early next week. I’ll probably wait to share them until the album is done, so I don’t ruin all the surprise for you. 😉

    Expect a batch of new lyrics as soon as late next week!

  12. Hey Brian –

    Taking some time to catch up on your stuff since the demise of t61. You are the first I’ve heard in a while to do a 3/4 song with an electro/dance edge. It caught my attention because I’ve been working on one with a similar twist. Love it. I almost didn’t recognize your vocals for some reason. Sounds kinda Tears For Fears in this one..hehe.. Hope that’s a compliment to you ’cause it’s meant to be.

  13. Thanks Ian! TFF has always been a favorite of mine, up until the last album, which I couldn’t get into.

    I uploaded Too Close to t61, but it isn’t getting much traction. Maybe that’s the new normal.

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