The new Color Theory album, The Sound, is now available for pre-order, shipping on or before August 4. The CD is packaged in a beautiful 6-panel Digipak with original art by himitsuhana, limited to 1,000 copies worldwide. You can place your order here.

Here’s a taste of each of the album’s 10 tracks:

In addition to the standard Limited Edition CD, I’m trying out something that to my knowledge has never been done before: The Individual Edition CD.

It will probably come as a surprise that I can’t create the exact same mix twice, even though the album was recorded entirely “in the box” on my studio computer. Arpeggiators randomly cycle through the notes of a chord. Panning effects start and end at different points. Some devices purposely insert glitches and other random anomalies. Beyond the occasional surprise, these differences are tough to pick out unless you know what to listen for. The qualitative listening experience is the same, but the fact that each mixdown is an “audio snowflake” gave me an idea:

As a souvenir of your support, I will create a personalized custom CD featuring unique mixdowns of each of the 12 songs I recorded for the album. The outtakes “Touch” and “Release the Hounds” are not on the standard Limited Edition CD and will not appear on any future physical release. The disc will open with a token of my appreciation – a spoken “thank you” mentioning you by name.

The Individual Edition CD is available through July 31. Keeping in mind that it takes me three hours to prepare each one, I’ve priced it at $99, which also includes a copy of the standard Limited Edition version. I don’t have much spare time to devote to this, so I can only take the first 20 orders. They will ship as soon as the CDs arrive, most likely before the August 4 release date.

If you can think of anything I can do to make it more special or meaningful, please let me know!