Color Theory - The Silence

The Silence is a companion EP to The Sound, featuring eight remixes, a collaboration, and two original tracks that weren’t included on the album. You can pre-order it here.

I’m trying something new: name your price. There are plenty of Color Theory fans out there who genuinely can’t afford $10. Others are willing and able to offer a higher level of support. Though my music is more popular than ever, sales aren’t what they used to be. Simply put, your financial support allows me to make new music. Until the official December 7 release date, you can choose to pay as little or as much as you’re comfortable with.

There’s another reason to pre-order: bonus tracks. Two extra remixes will be included for those who order before the December 7 release date.

Here’s a taste of each of the EP’s 11 tracks:

To name your own price and receive the two bonus remixes, pre-order the EP here. When you place your order, you’ll be prompted to download the preview. You’ll be emailed a download code to get all thirteen tracks a few days before release, in your choice of 320k mp3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.

Just to be extra-clear, this is a digital-only release. There are no plans to press CDs, but you could always download CD-quality FLAC or Apple Lossless files and burn your own.

Thanks for being a fan!