I run a tight ship here at colortheory.com. My ultra-minimal design doesn’t leave a lot of room for… well, information. Fortunately, Thomas Hanewinkel has that covered at the newly launched ctmusic.de. He has been my right-hand man on all things CT for over a decade now, and created the site and all its content without any input from me. The Color Theory fan site features:

  • A full playable discography broken down by category, with unique downloads
  • Complete lyrics, both in English and translated to Thomas’ native German
  • Promotional photos, album artwork, and videos
  • A detailed band history and personal bio of yours truly
  • A FAQ long enough to spawn a Color Theory trivia game
  • Info on Thomas, a guestbook, and more!

The catch? It’s entirely in German. But through the magic of Google Translate, you can view the site in English using this link.