The Complete Color Theory

The Complete Color Theory features 217 tracks on 15 albums (3 are double albums), completely remastered from the original source materials in both mp3 and lossless FLAC formats, on a custom laser-engraved 8 GB USB key. Bonus materials include scans all of CD artwork, sheet music, plus a PDF scrapbook full of photos, lyric sketches, and various other embarrassments.

I asked you how much I should sell them for, and $99 was the clear consensus (I’ll cover the shipping). That seems reasonable to me, but I don’t think it’s fair that someone who already bought most of the albums has to pay the same as someone who hasn’t bought any. So…

During the pre-order period, you’ll receive a $5 credit off the $99 price for each of the 10 official Color Theory releases you’ve already paid at least $5 for. That means many of you will get it for half off: $49.

On November 1, it will be set in stone at $99, regardless of your purchase history.

UPDATE 11/1/11: The pre-order period has ended, and today I start mailing them out in order of payment received. It looks to be a limited edition of 75, the last few of which are available here.