Color Theory Spotify

Ever made a playlist? It’s a simple drag-and-drop affair. Create one that includes at least one of my tracks, and I may just say your name, out loud – in my latest song!

No doubt you’re wondering – is this song so weird that I can get away with saying random stuff in the middle of it?

Yes, it is. We may look back on it together and laugh at the worst Color Theory track ever recorded, but it will definitely be on my next commercial release, scheduled for late May.

Let’s not get too carried away though. I’m not going to cut out the music mid-chorus, clear my throat, and enunciate your name clearly into the mic. It’ll be snuck in, chopped up, and processed with several effects a la T-Pain or Skrillex. Regardless, I’ll let everyone know where it is, and you’ll recognize it as your name. We’ll have fun with it, promise.

What is Spotify? It’s a simple and totally free way to listen to pretty much any song in recorded history from your desktop (or phone for $9.99/month). I personally prefer the US-only MOG for its superior audio quality, but Spotify has the largest reach. It’s not available in every country yet, but most fans can participate.

Here’s how:

  1. Create a Spotify playlist with 10 or more songs, including at least one of mine.
  2. Right-click your playlist name in the left menu and select “Copy HTTP Link”.
  3. “Like” Color Theory on Facebook if you haven’t already.
  4. Paste the HTTP link in a Facebook status update tagging Color Theory (start typing @Color and it should pop up).
  5. Make sure that the “Color Theory” text in your update is blue and clickable, or I won’t see it!

On Friday, May 11 I’ll select my favorite playlist from the dozen or so with the most subscribers. It should go without saying that putting your name in my song has no monetary value, but there it is anyhow.

Here’s one I made as an example, with some of my favorite “nap music”.