the Color Theory app

It had to happen, right? The new Color Theory app for Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) makes it easy for us to stay connected. It’s a great way to keep up with my music and goings-on, and it’s free.

To make it worth your while, I’ll be sneak previewing my new song “A Slip of the Finger” on the app next week! I still need artwork before I can set a formal release date, so you’ll be the first to hear it.

Don’t go looking for it in the app store, because it’s not there. Just visit the following page on your phone. It walks you through the process of installing it to your home screen.

Alternately, if you know what to do with this, then by all means…

Color Theory App QR Code

If you don’t have a compatible device, that’s okay! You can mess around with it in your browser.

What do you think? Is it fun? Redundant? Buggy? If it’s not worth keeping on your phone, I want to know!

UPDATE: Just got word from the developer that the Android “installation” (it’s just a web app) isn’t so clear. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Bookmark the page
  2. Tap and hold the just created bookmark until options appear
  3. Chose the option “Add shortcut to home”

UPDATE 7/1/11: As promised, “A Slip of the Finger” is now playable through the app. The song will be formally released and available for download soon. Hope you enjoy it!