The Album So Far

Three months ago, I started working on a new album. As of today, I’ve got thirty song snippets and a dozen lyric brainstorms to show for it. My next step is to flesh out these raw materials into finished songs – one per week for twelve weeks. It’s not going to be easy, but I’ve only got 120 days left to FedEx my completed master to Disc Makers, or else I forfeit the replication package I won as a prize in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest.

Here are all thirty snippets, starting with the ones that I’m most likely to develop into songs. While a handful may survive nearly intact, I’ll be picking and choosing elements from most of them. Crushed Rose is at the bottom because I already used it as the basis for my a-ha cover, Living a Boy’s Adventure Tale.

Are any of your favorites low on the list? Let me know! I really could go either way on most of them, so your input has the potential to shape the album to a large degree.

38 thoughts on “The Album So Far”

  1. Hi Brian,
    I have so much great musical work these days, so I barely have time to breathe, but I did listen to your snippets and you will certainly know that because of my age , I would not exactly be your target audience.
    Having prefaced with that.. I am a fan of your work and of these snippets I have gravitated to the following :
    White Mantra, Hoover Slam, Sliding into Obscurity,
    Analogics, Swing Vampire and Ooh Yah .

    Best wishes and I’m sure whatever you decide will be great !!!


  2. Hi Brian!!

    Its amazing how you work so fast in songs!! … i really like al snipets, but i have already my favourites ones

    Prozac, Hoover slam, Sliding into Obscurity, Analogics, On the pulse, Filtered Blues, Swing Vampire, Crushed Rose.

    So … these are my best decision! … have a good look and decide well my dear Brian!!


  3. You have a tight collection of some excelent ideas here, Brian! The following 5 are my personal choices (in order of appeal :D):
    1. Hoover Slam
    2. Wanderer
    3. Prozac
    4. Crushed Rose
    5. Little Richie

    This will definitely be a great album! All the best!

  4. Thanks you all for the great feedback, which is remarkably consistent! Considering the responses so far, here and via email, I feel comfortable committing to:

    Hoover Slam
    White Mantra
    Sliding Into Obscurity
    Swing Vampires/Little Richie

    I’ll probably try to combine those last two, since there are things I like and dislike about each, and they share the same basic feel. Wanderer a.k.a. Crawlspace already has lyrics and a vocal melody for the chorus, so that’s an easy call. I plan to start Hoover Slam today, as a song called Touch.

    As Travis mentioned, these ideas are unfiltered. Some of them were created to test out a feature of the software. I suppose it’s kind of a musical diary.

    @Edith – In a way, you’re always my target audience!

    @Matt – Thanks for your service to the country! You do us proud.

    To those hearing these song ideas for the first time, please keep your thoughts coming! After I knock out the obvious choices, I’ll be carefully reviewing these comments to figure out what to do next.

  5. Brian –

    Analogics is probably one of my favorites so far. I hear tons of potential and really look forward to hearing the songs develop. Unfortunately, I probably won’t get to hear them all until after the album is complete as I was just told that I’m leaving for Iraq later this month and will be gone for almost a year.

    Anyway, I am expecting a fantastic album finished when I get back! =0)

    Best of luck on it.


  6. Hey Brian-

    Can’t wait to hear more. Right now, I’ll just give you some quick thoughts:

    1. Prozac – love it, totally your sound.
    2. White Mantra – a bit different, but I think if you added some unusual sounds, it could work.
    3. Retro Alto sounds pretty much like you. I may dumb this one as too “in the box”
    4. Hoover Slam rocks. It has a very cool vibe that could be signature to the new record. Lotsa soul in the song.
    5. Flydrive didn’t do much for me.
    6. Wanderer has some great percussion. The chords are a bit off to me, but that’s likely more stylistic. I’m sure you could sing it into submission with your great voice.
    7. Sliding into Obscurity – didn’t really grab me
    8. Analogics is pretty cool – You could do something with this.
    9. Little Richie can be funky. Depends on what else you do with it. Feels a bit blippy to me.
    10. LED Dreams has a great set of sounds and chords. I’d develop this one.
    11. Canadian Boards has that happy synth pop sound that I think you could develop.
    12. Deadbeat didn’t do much for me.
    13. Grey Squares is nice and sinister! Work it!
    14. Glowing didn’t move me.
    15. Vengeance seemed a little disjoint, but that’s not a bad thing.
    16. On the Pulse – really like this one – has a neo-new-wave feel. Might do well with some guitars.
    17. Swing Vampires – this one will rock – gotto do it!
    18. Rhythmic 606 has a great vibe – could be a really chill electronica song that’s not necessarily electropop.
    19. Basic Bass doesn’t do much for me.
    20. Pong Bank – love the blippy on this one – could be a kick ass song
    21. Stumble didn’t move me.
    22. Filtered Blues – Aceeeeeeed! Nice – this should be full on 4 on floor track.
    23. Glasso – delicate song – really nice
    24. Contrebass – didn’t do much for me
    25. Ooh Yah – LOVE IT
    26. Mr. Bandpass – sounds epic; I’d lose the piano and the organ sound, keep the washy synths and do some large beats.
    27. Sidechain – another epic 4 on the floor waiting to happen
    28. Nebula – did nothing for me, but for obvious reasons, I’m suing you for name infringement and defamation.
    29. Calamity sounds like a fun track – you can make it really energetic.
    30. Crushed Rose – Living a Boy’s Adventure Tale! Already a classic!

  7. I’ve just listened to all the clips, and I can say that I like the following (in the order I listened to them): White Mantra, Retro Alto (I’m a retro gamer), Hoover Slam, Wanderer, Sliding into Obscurity, Analogics, Little Richie, Grey Squares, Swing Vampires (has a Depeche Mode feel to it), Mr Bandpass, Sidechain Sync Pulse, Calamity and Crushed Rose.

    I think I have ideas forming for some of these that may not fit an actual album; I can see some of those clips fitting in something like a game as well. That said, a lot of the clips I’ve chosen seem to fit in with what the majority said.

    I have no idea why, but I can’t help but think I’ve heard Glasso before… unless you mentioned it prior to this entry? It would make sense if you did. I’m guessing the ones closer to the bottom have either been used or mentioned before which again would explain Glasso. Still, I do think there are some really good clips up there… certain ones mightn’t fit my tastes which is why I didn’t choose them or they didn’t quite grab me, but that’s the beauty of music, there’s something for everyone!

  8. I think most of the ones you already picked are obvious choices (Prozac, Hoover Slam, etc). I’m glad you’re still considering using “Swing Vampires” because I do tend to like songs in compound meter with a dark feel, e.g. “Want You” by Mesh. I would still like to see something come out of “Stumble,” if you come up with something that would work well with it. It’s not as gripping as, say, “Prozac,” but it’s the kind of song that adds flavor to an album.

    P.S. I know this is random, but “Mr. Bandpass” made me think of it. This semester (my last!) I’m helping out with audio tech-support for journalism students in a radio production class. One issue that frequently occurs in their pieces is that annoying audio pop–I’m sure you know where it comes from. So I always try to teach them how to cut at zero crossings (or make their own with a quick fade). Guess which song gets stuck in my head every time.

  9. Wow, these cuts are great, your composition skills are really maturing. If I had to pick tracks to make an album I’d hope you use: 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 22, 26, 27

    Track 2 is pretty much cookie cutter Color Theory, using it would be familiar, but on the other hand it’s bordering on “I’ve heard this from you before”.

    PS: I realize the above is a raw dump of what you’ve been working on and includes cuts that artists usually never release.

  10. Hi Brian,

    These were my favourites:

    2. Loved the piano/electro contrast.
    4. As above but also the deep bass in the mix.
    5. Great atmosphere. Needs a meaningful vocal.
    6. Like it. Start reminded me of ‘I am the Walrus’!
    8. Same nice effects as is 2. & 4.
    13. Almost an Australian flavour – nice and different.
    20. This has a very contemporary feel to me. Much more late naughties and eighties!
    23. What a great atmosphere this sets up.
    26. Great chords, loved the phasing pads and the super-clear piano.
    30. Liked this – just such interesting sounds.

    Hope that helps Brian!

  11. Here are my favorites!

    Prozac, Hoover Slam, Wanderer, Analogics, Little Richie, Grey Squares, Glowing, Vengeance, Swing Vampires, Ooh Yah, Sidechain Sync Pulse, Nebula, Calamity, Crushed Rose

  12. I’m seeing a stronger consensus for Grey Squares, which I didn’t expect. Okay, I’ll do it! As for Stumble, I don’t see myself doing both it and Wanderer, and I’ve already started on the latter. They both started from the same bass sound and have a near-identical feel.

    @Toby – That may be the first and last time anyone compares my work to The Beatles! 😉

    @Nebulae – I’ll brief my lawyer. Maybe you can do a cover version!

    @Andrew – You have heard Glasso before, and theoretically at least, all the rest. I’ve been introducing them here in sets of three, but this is the first time all of them appear in the same place.

    @Caius – You are one of a select group that know what a zero crossing is. A silly basis for a song, but I’m happy with how it turned out.

    I composed all the vocal melodies for “Touch” (aka Hoover Slam) this morning. Next come the lyrics.

  13. Hi Brian, here’s my two cents:

    Prozac – kind of an intro – not really long enough composition to give me a vibe one way or another
    White Mantra has a nice vibe, somewhat Joe Jackson-ish. Texturally very nice
    Retro Alto – like the bitcrushed 80s Atari feel – this is a keeper.
    Hoover Slam definitely has the most modern pop feel, I’d keep this one too
    Flydrive – like the groove and voice parts a lot. Very Kraftwerk.
    Wanderer – Like the moodiness of this one a lot. This would need a strong vocal
    Sliding – a combination of the 80s feel of Retro and White Mantra – perhaps this could go with Mantra as the second theme?
    Analogics – very nice ambient piece, does it need a vocal I wonder.
    Little Richie – with the right vocal this could be a real clubber. I would keep this because it’s rhymthically different from the rest and stands out because of it.
    LED Dreams – Dreamy is right … another ambient snippet. I could see this with a Gary Numanesque vocal.
    Canadian Boards – this one is cute – more 80s feel, has more of a chill DJ sound to it. Doesn’t immediately suggest a vocal line to me, that’s not a bad thing though.
    Deadbeat – Strong melodic line for sure, explore it.
    Grey Squares – like Canadian great chilled vibe. Love the swooping synth in the background.
    Glowing – really like it. I could see a Depeche Mode type vocal on this, and the melody feels a bit more developed than some of the other snippets.
    Vengeance – too short to really get a feel for where it could go, like Prozac I see this as an intro/outro.
    On the Pulse – Anthemic, with a soaring vocal it could work really well. Worth keeping.
    Swing Vampires – Yeah! strong melodic idea, rhythm and arrangement. Keeper.
    Rythmic 606 – like vengeance a nice short texture, perhaps pair with another short track?
    Basic Bass – I like the bass and rhythm line a lot…definitely still has the 80s flavor.
    Pong Bank – Nice little breakbeat snippet
    Stumble – Very cool. this seems a keeper, I think having a vocal line of any kind set up definitely makes it easier to see what direction the song could go.
    Filtered Blues – oh yeah, this is a nice compliment to sliding, retro, all the 808 sounding tracks. I’d keep this.
    Glasso- chill, a nice mood lowering snippet. probably more textural than melodic
    Contrebass – like the textural bass. I could see this being very psychedelic with a swirling echoey vocal. Not immediately suggesting a chord progression
    Ooh Yah – like this one … a little reminiscent of Royskopp’s ‘Poor Leno’ …
    Mr. Bandpass – was that a major 7th I heard? Nice. I would keep this just for the awesome prog rock chord progression. Keeper.
    Sidechain – Major key, lots of 4ths … very upbeat & poppy, lots to like here if developed.
    Nebula – Quirky! I like it. With a suitably quirky vocal this could be cool.
    Calamity – Very Erasure sounding, this and Glowing could make a nice pair.
    Crushed Rose – Cool texture, could see this going with Canadian …

    okay to summarize,

    to my ears keepers as far as ideas are Retro alto, Hoover Slam, Little Richie, Deadbeat, On The Pulse, Swing Vampires, Stumble, Filtered Blues, Mr. Bandpass. Others are equally cool but suggest more texture than melody to my ears, which is still perfectly fine. Overall seems to have a rich vein of texture and influence to explore. I would be very interested in checking these out when they’re done, hope this helps!


  14. as iv already mentioned before…hooray for hoover slam. i love that snippet so much, think i looped it for about 30 minutes a couple days ago. cant wait to hear it (and others) fleshed out 😀

  15. Hi Brian,
    here are my favorite snippets:
    1. Prozac – great piano
    2. White Mantra & 4. Hoover Slam – reminds me of the sound of “Tuesday Song”
    6. Wanderer – simply GREAT
    8. Analogics – maybe my absolute favorite, the beginning reminds me of the Camouflage Song “That smiling Face”
    11. Canadian Boards – sounds funny to me
    13. Grey Saqures – just groovy!
    21. Stumble – My second favorite because of the great vocal sample… needs to be on the new album, just like Analogics!
    22. Filtered Blues – very nice melody
    26. Mr. Bandpass & 27. Sidechain Sync Pulse – both a very nice snippets

  16. I always favor the higher tempo and piano based music. You are off to an outstanding start. This album looks to top your last. Hope you build the extras from this into some EP’s after the full album release, do an all digital release.

    My Top 5 are: 2, 7, 10, 18, and 30

    My next favs are: 1, 4, 8, 9, 11, 13, 14, 17, 22, 26, and 29.

  17. A post-album EP sounds like a great idea! I originally planned to do three pre-album EPs, but the schedule is way too compressed at this point.

    Rhythmic 606 is getting a lot of unexpected love too! Thanks again for the great insights. I’m seeing some strong patterns, but I’m going to need to get all mathematical to confirm them.

  18. Prozac – I love the piano synth balance in this snippet. It’s also got a dark element to it that I think shows some real potential.

    White Mantra – The intro to this one really reminds me of the BSOTW demos. It just doesn’t click for me, though

    Retro Alto – I love the old school synth feel to this one. It’s like you spent a week with Ronnie Martin and this was the result. Love it.

    Hoover Slam – The backing synth sound is a little harsh, but there is tons of potential in this melody.

    Flydrive – If nothing else, this would be a cool instrumental. The spotty vocal effect is a neat departure for you.

    Wanderer – This one has a jazz feel to it to me. The snippet ends before it can really build, and I’m not a huge jazz type fan, but maybe.

    Sliding Into Obscurity – Love that Bassline. In fact, love the whole snippet. I wanna listen to it over and over and over..

    Analogics – I like the Choral effects twinned with the piano here.

    Little Richie – A little too much glitch pop, if you know what I mean.

    LED Dreams – Those synth “waah-waahs” sound like something Ronnie Martin would do. An interesting melody here, could be built into a neat song.

    Canadian Boards – I love this melody. Very danceable.

    Deadbeat – Just doesn’t grab me

    Grey Squares – A lot of a “SOTU”-era DM feel to this one, the good songs on that one, I mean.

    Glowing – I love the OoNTZ-OONTZ!

    Vengance – sounds like the music to one of the Castlevanyia games.

    On The Pulse – This builds into a very cool melody. Lots of potential here.

    Swing Vampires – Another darker, DM-esque track. The lyrics will make or break this one.

    Rhytmic 606 – Too disjointed.

    Basic Bass – very New Wave 80’s drums, and I like how the synths pan between right and left, but this one still is missing something.

    Pong Bank – NES style intro, but again very disjointed

    Stumble – Excellent. A keeper for sure!

    Flitered Blues – I can see this being one of your songs that grows on me.

    Glasso – A little too ambient, too laid back.

    Contrebass – Lots of layers to this one, maybe too many.

    Ooh Yah – Like the vocal effects, if this was built into a solid melody, it could turn out great.

    Mr. Bandpass – sounds very fleshed out already. I can see this one being very easy to write lyrics for.

    Sidechain Sync Pulse – This one surprised me. I wasn’t expecting much, and there’s a really cool melody here!

    Nebula – I don’t like the discordant synth here.

    Calamity – LOVE IT.

    Crushed Rose – LOVE IT.

  19. Hi Brian,

    It’s almost like you’ve got 2 albums going here … if we still had A sides and B sides – I would say one side could be the synth side – starting with Prozac and going into Retro Alta ( I’d leave Prozac as an instrumental intro myself). Followed by Analogics, Sliding Into Obscurity, Deadbeat, Calmity, Sidechain Sync Pulse.

    Putting White Mantra, On the Pulse, LED Dreams, Rhytmic 606, Hoover Slam, Oooh Yaa, on the B side – they don’t seem to “fit” with the other 2 … Wanderer goes on side B. – ending with Sidechain Sync Pulse to tie the 2 sides together :).

    The rest could be like a filler – sort of what Info Society did on their second album … but I wasn’t so thrilled with the rest.


  20. Hey Brian! I like what I’m hearing, the snippets sound promising. In case you wanted to know my fav 12 tracks out of the bunch, here they are:

    Retro Alto
    Sliding Into Obscurity
    LED Dreams
    Grey Squares
    On the Pulse
    Swing Vampires

    and of course, Living a Boy’s Adventure Tale!

    “Crushed Rose” sounds like it could be an awesome reprise or a hidden track!

  21. Daniel, it’s going to be hard enough to squeeze out ONE album by the end of June! 😉 I’m happy to keep the best and dump the rest. The beauty of starting with these snippets is that I’m not too invested in any one of them.

    Oliver, I’d prefer to leave my a-ha cover off the album, but it’s going to be tough to come up with eleven better originals!

  22. Nice work, Brian! I finally had some time to sit down and listen through several times: Here is my top seven: 1,5,6,8,17,21,30. Have fun and good luck! Can’t wait!

  23. Exciting! Just as a listener here are my faves:

    White Mantra, Sliding Into Obscurity,Little Richie, LED Dreams, Grey Squares, Stumble, Filtered Blues , Mr. Bandpass, Crushed Rose. But especially LED dreams, Grey Squares and Mr. Bandpass catch me. Btw, i loved the title ‘Filtered Blues’ alot .

    Thanks for sharing and good luck!

  24. so, you asked for some feedback on your album, and i decided to set some stuff up- so here ya go.

    white mantra, analogics, and prozac stand out @ first- i didn’t do all 20 cuz that’s alot to give full reviews for- but here’s what i thought: (order doesn’t mean anything)

    RHYTHMIC 606

    OVERALL- i love your style cuz when you think something as the listener is dull and boring, you listen anyway cuz you like&respect the artist- then BAM! it builds into this beautiful musical awesome song that sounds great. I am really impressed by this in your songs, the songs i DL’d on yoru profile as a member, i judge everything you do off of those- b/c its all i have and who honestly has time to stalk one of their favorite band’s myspace page every day?- one of the things i like though, is what these songs give as a “feel”– alot of them are darker than what i’ve heard, which is really cool cuz it changes your sound up from pop-based to more,… idk serious? i guess? but anyway i really like how you kept that original feel as well- retro alto, sliding into (which has a perfectly crafted beautiful arpeggio)…, filtered blues, and a few others keep that originality i first heard. i like that about your style, its unique, and although i respect your darker stuff alot, cuz the atmosphere is SO awesome and different, i like artists to not forget their roots, and what fans love.

    (i’m gonna go off a little here) i think about emery- i LOVED emery when they first came out w/ their 2nd album- their first was before i knew about them, but it was still good. They had an amazingly hardcore and beautiful/sweet sound combo goin on. the screaming and hardcore guitars + the intense harmonized vocals of meaningful lyrics + the story blended throughout the whole album- mindfuck- absolutely stunning album. but when they released their next album,i’m only a man- it sucked, but after a few years, they released “in shallow seas” which took back some of their original feel- and i greatly respect that. there are SO MANY groups out there who get signed and fuck it all up. what i like about solo acts like you, and smaller groups who try to stay small, is they don’t change that much. I’m not quite sure the reason but i like it, and it makes the relationship as a fan ALOT stronger for me.

    If this album is for a set goal, like a festival or for a specific cause, i’d say do what you want w/ it- if its just another release, i’d say either go w/ a new feel, keeping a little of your roots in it, or keep the same old same old- its safe. either way you create breathtaking originality so i’m not concerned about anything you release. Good luck on everything and have an awesome 2010!

    -Matt- (DJ Oxygen)

  25. Better late than never with my comments. My top choices are
    White Mantra
    Hoover Slam
    Sliding into Obscurity
    Little Richie
    Canadian Boards

    BTW, coming from a scientific background, I understood the zero crossing reference and keep meaning to play it for my mathematically-minded family members.

  26. Heya. I love so many of them it’s hard to choose. I can’t wait to hear what you create from all of this.

    My favorites:

    Prozac, Hoover Slam, Sliding into Obscurity, Stumble, Ooh Yah

  27. Hi Brian and everyone else,

    I hadn’t read any comments when I listened to this, but I have arranged my comments in an unusual way: depending on how happy I am with their current position on the list. :)

    (Please bear with me as I’m probably not using the proper words to describe most audio effects.)

    = Stay up =
    “Prozac” sounds very Color Theory, but doesn’t stand out much. :)
    “White Mantra” makes me extatic! The high-pitched, “scream-like” instrument is important.
    “Hoover Slam” is gonna get great lyrics. I just know it.
    “Flydrive” needs some more hi-speed hi-hats and occasional chord changes.
    “Sliding into obscurity” is lovely, especially the chord changes, but the drums sound too synthetic.
    “Analogics” is wonderful!! Write lyrics that make you want to cry out in high notes! Like Viva La Vida’s “And for some reason I can’t explain…”

    = Move down a bit =
    “Retro Alto” has nice sound, but feels too chaotic

    = Stay in the middle =
    “LED Dreams” is alright, but where’s the piano? :)
    “Grey Squares”: the reed starting at 0:27 is the best part.
    “Glowing”: All right

    = Move down a LOT =
    “Wanderer” sounds gloomy. “Wishing I had an Umbrella” was also gloomy, but had some bright streaks of love in it, which made it great.
    “Little Richie” is all attitude, but not pleasant. Not my style.
    “Deadbeat”: it’s hard to follow the rhythm, kinda like “We’re not getting any younger” (which I disliked for that very reason)
    “Vengeance”: ehh, what? Sounds like someone’s NES emulator broke… 😉

    = Move up a bit =
    “Canadian Boards”: Up! The part around 0:45 could be even more aggressive, with heavy drums on every beat. (But the end is weird.)
    “Stumble” could be nice, but the quirky effects on the bass is distracting.
    “Filtered blues” has potential.
    “Mr Bandpass” could reach new highs with a well-chosen reverb setting… and maybe a different organ, like in the wonderful cosmicity remix of “If not now, when?”
    “Swing Vampires”: ease up on the distortion a bit and we have a hit!

    = Move up a LOT =
    “Sidechain synch pulse!” Is a great intro! I want to hear it explode! What’s it doing so far down on the list?
    “On the pulse” has great potential! Needs a heavy bassline or pad, and passionate lyrics!

    = Stay down =
    “Pong bank”
    “Glasso”: The sudden envelope effects are unpleasant on my ears. At least when using headphones.

  28. Björn, I appreciate the suggestions mixed in with your rankings! Your descriptions of audio effects seem dead-on to me.

    Wow, there’s so much great stuff here, I think I’m going to need to get scientific and do some math to generate a “fan ranking.”

  29. I finally picked my favourites:

    Prozac (classic Color Theory)
    White Mantra (reminds me of Joe Jackson, of whom I’m a fan)
    Wanderer (great piano)
    Pong Bank (reminds me of Kraftwerk’s Pocket Calculator)

    The only snippets I’m really skeptical about are Little Richie and Hoover Slam, but I guess you’re about to prove me wrong :-)

    Also, for some reason, Swing Vampires reminds me of Personal Jesus. I wonder if it’s something about the chords or the drums…

    Anyway, this is all very promising.

    By the way, the a-ha cover got me to listen to them again – I was a fan in the ’80s, but I’d forgotten how good they were.

  30. First of all it’s always hard to pick favorites when it comes to your creations. =)

    I grouped my impressions into 2 categories – Like More and Like Less (because on some level I like them all). These are based on 1, sometimes 2 listens each – just my initial impressions. I wanted to give you my initial reactions because I think for a lot of these I would “learn” to like them more on repeat listens, so the “Like More” list represents what jumped out at me on first pass.

    Some have comments, some don’t – don’t take this one way or another if I didn’t have anything to say. Also they are not ranked, I just went from 1-30 and put them into A or B list. Oh and it’s merely incidental that it’s roughly 50/50 – I wasn’t counting!

    Like More:
    1. Prozac
    3. Retro Alto
    4. Hoover Slam
    7. Sliding into Obscurity
    11. Canadian Boards – but only up to 0:40, gets weird after that
    13. Gray Squares: nice groove
    14. Glowing: nice potential
    16. On the Pulse – one of my favorites. I am a sucker for that synth that comes in at 0:30 – what “instrument” is this? I’ve heard it on other tracks before and love that sound.
    17. Swing Vampires: like it but change the name – too much “vampire” stuff these days, don’t want people to think you’re jumping on the bandwagon do we? 😉
    19. Basic bass: I like the melody but not the warping
    20. Pong Bank: OK i like it because it’s very video gamey but it’s not really your sound I think…
    22. Filtered Blues: I like the build up and instruments
    26. Mr Bandpass: Interesting concepts here I like it
    27 Sidechain Sync Pass: Short but sweet, could turn into something.
    29. Calamity: Potential
    30. Crushed Rose: Well yeah! =P

    Like Less
    2. White Mantra – It’s good but it sounds very “Color Theory” if that makes sense? It sounds like another CT song I’ve heard but can’t place. It’s too safe. Some of the samples are too experimental, and the ones I liked the best were somewhere in between I guess.
    5. Flydrive: Weird vocal effects don’t do it for me here and the tune is lacking variety somehow
    6. Wanderer: Apt title – sounds like a struggle (in a not good way) =/
    8. Analogics – Just didn’t jump out at me.
    9. Little Richie: Kinda silly to me. =P
    10. LED Dreams: Don’t like what happens after 0:30
    12. Deadbeat
    18. Rythmic 606: It’s OK
    21. Stumble: Not your sound at all!
    23. Glasso: I know the sharp cutoff of the beats is intentional but to my ears it sounds like artifacts in the melody – sounds like clipping, or like my MP3 was encoded badly, I want to redo it. Oh wait that’s the original source? Shoot…
    24. Contrebass: Hmmm ok
    25. Ooh Yaa: Interesting experiment but I can’t hear a song in this. =/
    28. Nebula: No like the opening instrument!

  31. As of today, two songs are done. Like I promised, I’m reviewing all your comments now to get a feel for what to do next. I can almost assign each of my lyrical ideas a snippet (or in some cases, two snippets).

  32. At this point, they’re pretty much all mapped out:

    Crushed Rose = Living a Boy’s Adventure Tale
    Hoover Slam = Touch
    Retro Alto = It Must Be Halloween
    White Mantra = Too Close
    Sliding Into Obscurity = Release the Hounds
    Grey Squares = Backseat
    Prozac = A Safe Distance
    Analogics = Song Named After a Girl (working on this one now)
    Swing Vampires + Little Richie = Pretend Extroverts
    Canadian Boards = It’s All You
    On the Pulse = The Digital Age (or something else, if I have time)
    Flydrive = Two (just the beat, not the weird vocal stuff)

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