Color Theory Ultimate Fan Pack

Microsoft’s Playlist 7 opportunity motivated me to create my first street team mission. Anyone can participate! You can join the street team here. Since the team consists of Color Theory fans as well as fellow musicians, I’ve created a reward that should entice both:

The 1st place winner gets their choice of:

A. The Color Theory Ultimate Fan Pack™ or…
B. Mastering your next release up to 15 tracks (up to a $900 value!)

2nd and 3rd place winners receive: all 8 Color Theory CDs

4th and 5th place winners receive: 2 Color Theory CDs of their choice

Mastering is performed by yours truly. My “day job” is owner and head engineer of Resonance Mastering.

The Color Theory Ultimate Fan Pack™ consists of:

  1. A first edition copy of Sketches in Grey in original shrinkwrap
  2. Original graphic proofs for The Thought Chapter
  3. My last copy of Like Clockwork, a 2CD of piano/vocal demos
  4. Copies (I only have one set) of the three embarrassingly unfunny newsletters I mailed to fans from 1994-1996
  5. All 8 Color Theory CDs, including my out-of-print Depeche Mode tribute

I won’t be able to put a package like this together again, so let’s get out there and uh… get some people to click on a button! You can access the mission at any time to see status updates, discussion, and a real-time leaderboard.