Outside the Lines, Vol. 2

Outside the Lines, Vol. 2 is a collection of rarities from 2004-2012. It features my interpretations of songs by The Midway State, Giorgio Moroder/Phillip Oakey, The Fixx, Dead or Alive, and Metallica; collaborations with Ruslan Tagirov, DJ RAM, and Jonteknik; early versions of recent album tracks; and the only three remixes I’ve ever done for other artists – one of which may sound surprisingly familiar.

It’s available as a name-your-price (no minimum) download through the end of the week. After that, $10. Listen and download Outside the Lines, Vol. 2 here.

The Midway State

The opening track is actually my latest completed recording, a cover of The Midway State entitled Where Did We Go? My old publisher contacted me one Friday afternoon, needing the song covered for a meeting with the client on Monday. It turns out the client was McDonalds in Ukraine, and they loved my version of the song, but the publishing costs exceeded their budget.

The song is available as a free download through the end of the week.

And now I’m off to ponder the philosophical implications of a free song download on a name-your-price album.