Out with the Old

Today marks my official recovery from the holidays. Hopefully you’re not such a late bloomer! Here’s what’s been keeping me busy:

Uncovering Antiques

We donated several carloads of stuff to Goodwill, and in the process I uncovered a relic:

CD Listening Station

I paid $500 for this beauty, which houses a CD player locked in a solid steel chassis, with attached headphones for potential buyers to try before they buy. Steve Jobs singlehandedly rendered it obsolete. Any ideas what I can do with it? I can’t even figure out how to remove the CD, so it’s effectively a “Life’s Fairytale machine.”

Windows to Mac, take two

Once upon a time in 1996, I decided to switch to Mac, so I picked up a Quadra 650. Pro Tools was out of my league financially, so I opted for the $3000 Digidesign Session 8, a three rack space unit capable of playing back eight tracks (!) of audio at once. Sad to say it didn’t “just work.” The thing crashed constantly, so I switched back to Windows after wrapping up my second album, Tuesday Song.

A few hours with the tablet-friendly but otherwise underwhelming Windows 8 Developer Preview convinced me to make the switch again. Here’s my new even more minimalist setup, centered around a pimped out Mac Mini Server:

New Studio
Bad USB Keys

Everyone who ordered The Complete Color Theory should have received it by now (there are still a handful left). A few fans had problems with the USB key reporting that it was write protected. If yours is affected, please let me know and we’ll get it replaced!

“New” Releases

There are two “new” b-sides releases on the horizon (owners of the USB key already have all the material), one of which contains my version of a song by The Midway State. I recorded it a couple months ago for a commercial placement with McDonalds in Ukraine that looked promising for a few weeks, but ultimately fell through.

Outside the Lines, Volume 2

You may have noticed that the “song a month” plan didn’t work out. You guys made it clear that you prefer more than one song at a time, and I wasn’t able to find an affordable, reliable graphic designer to handle the cover art. Maybe a 5-song EP is the way to go?

19 thoughts on “Out with the Old”

  1. I know your a tech-wiz…but it still amazes me that you can make such beautiful music with such a minimalist setup compared to the old days with those gigantic sized soundboards, not to mention all the other equipment necessary. Also wondering when I'll be able to bump into you now that I live in SoCal…

  2. Maybe doing a free 5 song EP then include those tracks on a full 10 track, non-free album? That way, you can keep momentum by releasing the first 5 tracks…first. Then, the next five will be part of a new album? I’m glad you are ditching the “song a month” plan. It truly makes music even more disposable and forgettable. Like watching a “trailer” to a movie but never getting a whole movie.

    I really like Microsoft’s future plans better than Apples. Having one OS for all devices. As long as Windows 8 works great on a tablet/phone and works as good as Windows 7 on the desktop I will be happy. I really hope Apple plans on ditching iOS and just puts OSX on the future iPads and iPhones. Eventually the hardware will be powerful enough for that. Having an OSX version and an iOS version is OK for now, but long term everything just needs to mirror everything else. The only difference being interface and screen size.

  3. It's an Argosy Dual 15 mastering desk. I've got Dynaudio BM-15A's running into a Benchmark DAC-1 to an RME Fireface 800, with an FMR Really Nice Preamp and Really Nice Compressor for tracking.

    My main DAW is Ableton Live, and I use WaveLab 7 for mastering (of course, the plugins do all the heavy lifting in both).

  4. I'm envisioning three 5-track EPs, culminating in a 10-12 track album. That way each EP will have one or two exclusive tracks for serious fans.

    IMHO Apple is the one pushing toward a convergence of desktop and mobile OS'es. Lion and iOS 5 on the iPad aren't THAT far apart. You have to figure the dock will disappear in the next iteration, leaving only the iOS-style Launchpad.

    Microsoft, on the other hand, seems to have just slapped the Windows Phone interface on top of Windows 7, and called it Windows 8. Power users are already disabling the Metro UI and the ribbon interface, which are the two biggest "improvements."

  5. Brian Hazard true…and I know that working at GC on the tech stuff, but I really need to play with what I write about…I want to make music dang it…just for fun…got a MIDI controller…got a Monotron…got some software…just don't sit my butt down…going to NAMM next weekend…oy is it going to be a madhouse..

  6. Sounds like a great idea to me! The main problem with Lion and iOS 5 is they don't run the same software. So, you need two different versions for everything. But, it is great they keep the interface similar. Hopefully Microsoft turns around Windows 8 and it's not another Vista!

  7. LOL…wait…more than enough…it looks like you downsized…anything you want to donate? lol…seriously, I'm already kind of overwhelmed and haven't even got there…but I'll do my best to enjoy seeing what's coming my way as far as tech stuff to write about…hope all is well with ya…cheers!

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