Six months ago, I made a false start. I worked through the tutorials of Ableton Live, the software I plan to record the new album in, and felt like I had a handle on it. Then I spent the next five months solely focused on mixing the Die Brücke, Rain Rain, and 907Britt albums, forgetting everything I’d learned about Live. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been working through the printed manual, not just reading, but creating little snippets to reinforce the concepts. Here are four such snippets, really no more than short loops entering at different times:

Rhythmic 606:

Pong Bank:

Basic Bass:


I’ll continue to make more snippets until I finish the manual, at which point I’ll flesh out a production bank of longer ideas that include the piano. Eventually some of those will become songs.

Though the snippets here may never develop into songs, it’s safe to say that I’ve officially started working on the album. I plan to post plenty of updates over the next seven months, including audio samples, lyrics, and maybe even videos. I’ll be seeking your guidance and asking for your opinion every step up the way. If you don’t want to miss anything, either subscribe to the site’s feed by RSS or email, friend me on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter. Regular mailing list subscribers (through ReverbNation) will only receive periodic updates, not the full play-by-play.