I’ve got a new song I’m dying for you to hear! It’ll definitely make the album, scheduled for release on August 4. Besides being a dark, catchy, and fun little tune, it may just be the purist expression of my “electronics + classical piano” signature yet. And I make fun of people who dress like vampires, so it’s a win-win.

You emerge
Your face drawn in black and white
Your corset laced up just right
A vampire in fishnets
“So,” I laugh
“What are you supposed to be?”
You smile but won’t answer me
Is this a trick or treat?

Master of the cheap disguise
Sometimes I can’t believe my eyes, I tell you
(You/I/We) sure know how to make a scene
It must be Halloween

Half asleep
We race home to beat the dawn
I cut through a corner lawn
And slice my head on a branch
“Hang on – I just need to catch my breath”
You say that I look like death
And toss back your head to laugh in revenge.