Color Theory on Playlist 7

I’ve been selected to participate in a Windows 7 promotion! Microsoft has made 49 songs available for free download, including my track “Behind the Rhine.” The seven most downloaded artists win $507!

Would you please go there now and download my track? (it’s free)

They don’t ask for your name or email address, but you do have to “become a fan” at either Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter. Don’t let that scare you! There’s nothing to stop you from un-friending them after the voting period is over. For the record, while I love my Apple products, I use Windows 7 every day and am quite pleased with it.

Would you please ask your friends to do the same?

You can use the “share” button on the Playlist 7 site, or better yet, copy and paste the following (yes, it’s under 140 characters):

Help my friend Brian of Color Theory win $507 by downloading his song – it’s free!

If you’re willing to go the extra mile, join the Color Theory street team for some great reward(s). The promotion ends on Monday at 11:00 a.m. EST.

It really does pain me to be that “vote for me” guy. I normally avoid internet popularity contests at all costs, but this one is different because 1) it’s a lot of money, 2) our odds are really good, 3) Microsoft is promoting it aggressively, and 4) doing well might land me a spot in their next promotion. After all, I was selected for this one based on the results of their previous Sponsored Songs promo, where I came in 90th out of 1001 participating bands.

Thank you for your help!