I’m not exactly the “life of the party” type.

I know many of you aren’t either, because I’ve received countless “I know exactly what you mean” comments from fellow introverts. The last lyric to get this much feedback has to be Entirely, from way back in 1997.

Wherever you fall on the extroversion spectrum, you’re welcome to download the song, free for one week.

Color Theory - Extroverts at Play

They don’t know what they believe
So we stare and nod as they think out loud
Trying our best to fit in
As we fight for breath in this stifling crowd
And the time races by when you’re having some fun
But it’s plodding along now at quarter to one
As the night tries our patience we’re hitting a wall
I slip off to the side like I’m taking a call to observe

Extroverts at play
Egos run amuck
I’d like them well enough
If they would just shut up
But we will persevere
By sheer force of will
We’ll stoically endure
This social overkill

Tomorrow we’ll take the whole day
To recuperate in a private place
Sleeping or reading a book
Our resilience now is our saving grace
So just try to imagine, it’s not such a stretch
I’m the life of the party and it is the death of me
Here in my eyes you’re the belle of the ball
With the hint of a smile you enchant more than all of the…

Maybe someday this will
Come to us more naturally but
Until then we’ll have to pretend

We’ll hone our acting skills
Fake it ’til we make it baby
Until then we’ll have to pretend.

Color Theory - Extroverts at Play

cover design by Thomas Hanewinkel