I’m honored to be a part of today’s brand new Electro Freaks release: EFP Vol 04: Four Play. The 19-track set features a wide variety of electronic and dance music styles, including synthpop, house, electro, dubstep, and experimental. It’s 100% free to download – no strings attached! You don’t even need to give them your email address.

While most of the names below are probably new to you, you’ll at least recognize Odd Year from his handful of Color Theory remixes and our collaboration on the track “Waiting in the Wings“. I haven’t listened through the whole thing yet, but I love what I’ve heard so far!

EFP Vol 04: Four Play Tracklist

  1. Color Theory – What You Said
  2. Hollidayrain – Opening Day
  3. axisONE – As She Lies Beside Me (Electro Freaks Edit)
  4. DJ Kenneth A – Storm Runner
  5. Odd Year & The Reverb Junkie – Part of You
  6. Jamison Randall – Subtlety
  7. Dan Veytia – Solar Eclipse (Flexstyle DnB Meltdown)
  8. bLiNd – Dusk of Mojave
  9. Big Giant Circles – Standoff
  10. Glass Department – Electric Love
  11. WhiteKnight – Ours Is a Complicated Love
  12. halc – Bicycle Rights
  13. Bearcraft – HONEY (The Polish Ambassador Remix)
  14. Benjamin Briggs – It Must Use Force
  15. The Siamese Electric – Bump Bump Bump (Can’t Sit Still)
  16. Tad Rees aka Solo – Pleasant Dreams (EFP Mix)
  17. Binster – Part Man Part Machine
  18. DjjD – Shove You (Original Mix)
  19. platypus – I had a dream about yesterday

Total Playing Time: [1h 32m 41s]

Download EFP Vol 04: Four Play

About Electro Freaks
The Electro Freaks is an online music community founded in October 2008. The group consists of electronic music fans, artists, and listeners from all corners of the world, united by a common love of electronic music in its many varied forms. The Electro Freaks Presents series is produced by the fans, for the fans. This is the community’s fourth release since 2009. A total of 60 different artists have contributed 100 tracks to all four EFP albums to date.