We did it! Color Theory made the top 7, coming in 4th place with 297 downloads. Thank YOU for making it happen! Until next Monday at 11:00 a.m. EST, the seven winning tracks can be downloaded with a single click, which means thousands more people will hear my music. Oh yeah… and I get $507!

In the end, we won by only 19 downloads. Here are the final counts:

  1. Kirby Heyborne 385
  2. Gil Monteverde 329
  3. Cascadence 320
  4. Color Theory 297
  5. TallBoy 295
  6. FIRE 286
  7. Garfield Mayor 286
  8. JC Cassis 278 (lost)

Congratulations also to Rob Bentley and the rest of the street team, who collectively generated 201 clicks. We clearly wouldn’t have made it without your efforts.

It means a lot to me that so many of you kept trying to download my song despite the technical glitches. Whether or not you ultimately contributed to the download count, you have my heartfelt thanks.