On March 9, 2011 a magical thing happened. My song, Release the Hounds, was featured on the debut episode of MTV’s Real World Las Vegas. See for yourself! You can watch the episode on MTV’s site, and jump right to where the song starts at 39:07 (after the ad).

I would’ve told you about this earlier, but I just found out today when the royalty appeared in my bank account. I figured it had to be a mistake, so I downloaded my statement from ASCAP (click to enlarge):

I had a few songs featured on MTV shows before, but this was my first featured, as opposed to background, performance. And it gets better! As you may or may not know, half of the royalty goes to the publisher, and half to the writer. I started a publishing company, Tuesday Songs, so that I can collect both. What you see here is my publishing royalty. The writer’s half is still to come!

As you may have seen on the statement, Extroverts at Play was featured on episode 2503. I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, but if you happen to, can you let me know where the song comes in? UPDATE: Mike Madrid reports it’s at 4:59.

Big thanks to Bunim/Murray Productions for supporting independent music!