I released my 8th full-length album, The Sound, in August of 2010. If you’d asked me then how long it would be until my next, I’d have said two years (while secretly hoping to pull it off in one). Which isn’t totally unreasonable, considering The Thought Chapter came out less than two years prior.

Six years later, here we are. Today I’m proud, excited, and more than a little bit relieved, to announce the release of my 9th full-length album, Adjustments. You can listen to it in its entirety, order a CD, or download the digital version here. Or iTunes if that’s your thing.

If you follow me on Spotify (please do!), you should have received an email announcing the album is available for streaming. While it’s true that artists only receive fractions of pennies per play, your plays help raise my visibility – so I do appreciate it. Even better, add me to a playlist or two!

For those of you who ordered the CD, they are on the way! Be aware that the return address says “Resonance Mastering” which is my day job, and the name that my PayPal account is under.

If you live outside the US, could you do me a favor and let me know when your CD arrives? I received conflicting information from the post office on how the ship the CD, so I’m checking my PO Box every day to see if any came back. So far, so good!

tl;dr: new Color Theory album 👍🏻

Thanks for being a fan!